Hatred by Another Name: Unmasking the Band of National False Heroes by Chin Ce

Avid speculations by the liege of Asari Dokubo are rife that the Nigerian president recently returned from United Kingdom on health exile is a clone of a brain dead original. So goes the report in the Daily Post of October 3, 2017. But clone or no, evidence abounds from his antecedents in office of a quietly vicious and unrepentant jingoist using so called non-negotiable Nigerian unity to foist parochial interests upon a bulbous nation, and to the detriment of the south for which he had always had deep-seated contempt mingled with jealousy. 

The evidence lies in his short lived military adventurism in 1984.

A sleaze of promotion to the ranks of generals in the Nigerian army was revealed by the BBC in 1984 as skewed in favor of mainly northern officers. No singularly qualified officer from the south east was deemed eligible for promotion, the BBC reported. 

The gestalt was following the well laid script to perpetually ‘hold down the south so the north can climb’. 

In response to the damming evidence, the junta quickly did a face saving volte face only two weeks later by having the then chief of staff Tunde Idiagbon decorate one or two Igbo officers to the rank of brigadier general, but not without a swipe at BBC that the Nigerian army was united and not to be divided along non existing tribal ethnicities which the BBC was trying to foment. 

How ironical such avid denial by core northern oligarchs of their own paranoia and ethnocentrism even in the face of evidence. 

I have written severally about the nauseating hypocrisy of half educated men like Buhari, Abacha, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdusalami, et hoc, and the dangers they frequently posed to the growth and evolution of all Nigerians along the egalitarian path of justice and equity for the constituent parts of their federation. 

That danger lies in the collective lazy elite mindset foisted from the Murtala Mohammed counter coup that eliminated a clueless general Ironsi but saw an imbecile Yakubu Gowon climbing the throne of head of state of Nigeria’s new federation based upon the plan of perpetuating northern dominance in the management and jurisdiction of the country’s national and international affairs. 

Thenceforth it seemed that every semi-literate that came to rule Nigeria must hail from a conclave which rested its life force on the seizure of political power. 

Even the various constitutions were skewed to allow dubious primary school leaving certificate holders to become presidents because a primary school certificate seemed all that northern Nigeria could offer by way of modern education.

 It should always be remembered that Boko Haram meaning ‘western education is forbidden’ is a philosophy of an atavistic Islamic North, not just that of the murderous jihadists of the same name. Till date, ‘Turenci’ meaning English is still anathema in core northern states and it is the dream of these parochial and self serving irredentists that Hausa will one day become Lingua Franca for the whole of Nigeria even if Islam does not make it to be the major religion. 

One only needs to read the verbal sleight of hand of the present Buhari misadventure in politics to interpret this essentially northern hypocrisy: One of his broadcasts to his nation while almost dying in the United Kingdom was in Hausa. Gowon did the same during the 1966 pogrom against the Igbo. Using Hausa had always meant to reaffirm the mindset of northern indivisibility against the threat of opposing forces from a south they had always dreaded might one day shake itself loose from the bondage and exploitation of an arrangee order. In the incipient Buhari era, the opposing force was coming from the rising profile of his vice and acting president Osinbajo – from the south! 

Such is the hypocrisy in the present dispensation of the cabal led by Buhari who had ridden into our hearts only with the promise to fight corruption, impunity and squander-manic mindlessness of the Jonathan years. But his vicious ethnic survivalism at the expense of the progressive but disunited south was on hand to be exploited to the fullest as soon as he was made president. 

Many Buhari haters in the south east were informed by his antecedents as a fanatical core-north cabalist stooge. The recent events unfolding across the spectrum of the former British colony, climaxing in the branding of a whole people as terrorists, seem to have proven them right. Only the idealists like us had believed that the dawn of a truly egalitarian society for Nigeria was long overdue and could be realised under a regime that had promised accountability and change. 

For now that idealism is Morning Yet On Creation Day, as the great rebel and father of African Literature, Chinua Achebe, wrote years ago. 

To my mind, and even to a casual observer, it would not take a clone of Buhari to implement the grandiose exploits of a hateful conclave of ombudsmen intent upon dominion and parasitism in Nigeria’s affairs. It only needs the revitalizing of the original Muhammadu Buhari, added to their robotic parroting of unity and indivisibility, to implement the agenda that one section must continue to dictate for Nigeria the pace and momentum of change which, in their twisted logic, can only mean the globalization of elite tyranny and religious backwardness upon the fortunes that stupid Mr. Lugard and the bloody British had bequeathed them in West Africa.

Fortunately that backward progress as envisioned by a hateful breed of irredentists is almost come to an end. 

Roused by the irrepressible conscience of the South East, Nigeria is poised for the great spring of generations unborn. 

The ethnic chauvinists masquerading for One Nigeria and their band of anti-Turenci bigots of the conclave are finally at the end of their tethers in the manipulation of history and employment of brute military force for unmerited advantages. 

The nation they yearn for their grand exploits is clamoring for Restructuring.

And, oblivious to even his finer instincts, the Hypocrite had gone to the United Nations to further the cause of Restructuring by calling for a Restructured UN. 

There again this leading Hypocrite of National Unity had also canvassed for the right of self determination of the Palestinian people. 

Both cases of dramatic irony lie in such synchronous parallel with the southern debacle that faces the clueless general.

Buhari’s end of the road as a bigot and hater is nowhere more graphologically poignant than in the IPOB agitation which he vainly hopes to decimate by military fiat. The world has called on him to negotiate with the legitimate aspirations of those whom he had hated since the quirk of his birth. And negotiate he must. 

The era of the band of national false heroes that have ruled this country from Balewa through Buhari is finally at its overdrive. 

That era will soon be buried as renewed agitations engulf the Buhari sultanate from every nook and cranny of each and every Nigerian sub nationality. 

Chin Ce forwarded this piece from Abia state in South East Nigeria. 


In Every Oppressed Lives a Kanu by Ernest Enobong 

The biblical Moses was a mass murderer. Gentlemen don’t come meeker than Jesus, or Buddha, the Christ, yet Jesus was said to have got so exasperated at some point with the system in the synagogues that he flipped a table. He eventually changed the religious configuration of the world for better. 

Conformity and subtleties have rarely cut it with dysfunctional systems and their purveyors. What panacea have our more cultured countrymen not prescribed for the Nigerian system? How many national conferences have we not convoked? What has it availed? 

History has often been changed by those who dare to be different in their approach and perspectives. An uncouth Nnamdi Kanu just made history where our taffeta countrymen failed to make an impact. It’s a rogue and pyrrhic succeess alright, but a good trigger for holding talks.

Every family finds use for the black sheep sometimes. It’s only the rascally who can break the taboo and eat of the food sacrificed to the gods and prove it harmless. Nnamdi Kanu has become a metaphor for that untamed, suppressed child in you that pops up when you’ve had it to your elastic limit. 

One may envy his guts and wish he spared us the hate speeches which also targeted other innocent victims. The South West, the long suffering South Central region, the Middle Belt and even some sections of the North are equally yoked with this ponderous and undynamic Nigerian system, just as the South-East. Only that the rest of us have accepted our fate with seeming equanimity, lest the applecart be upturned. We would rather fall on our backs and bare our throats to vandals like the Fulani herdsmen so that peace would reign and Nigeria may continue as one indissoluble sovereignty. We may grumble in our bedchambers but manage a straight face in public and make politically correct statements then sit back in consolation to count the number of persons that like our facebook posts. Rather a hypocrite than offend the status quo.

It is the same way that Nigeria’s northern elites secretly empathise with their Arewa youths but publicly condemn them for verbalising what we all know are equally the elites’ secret position or machination. This house must not fall though its foundation rests on quicksand.

Similarly, our churches have continued to sweep the debris of gratuitous attacks on them under the carpet and turn the other cheek. They prefer to pray to God to touch the hearts of our evil leaders to get their sums right. 

But how much has changed over the decades? 

Until the Niger Delta youths took up arms and took to the creeks it was easier squeezing water out of the rock than squeezing a Goodluck Jonathan into the corridors of Aso Rock or getting the current sitting president to listen to their demands.

Today who remembers NADECO’s Radio Kudirat? Its broadcast content wasn’t exactly love ballads but mostly potshots at the the infamous military dictatorship of Sani Abacha. Was it effective? Yes. Of course they stopped short at hate speeches and divisive rhetoric. 

During the 1960s the ANC in South Africa resorted to arms struggle when their peaceful protests failed to achieve the desired result to end the apartheid regime. Margaret Thatcher of Britain and the government in America declared ANC a terrorist organisation but failed to put adequate pressure on Pretoria to effect reforms.

Pray, what’s to be expected when a system has a history of ignoring civil and lawful agitations for a review of the operating manual but would negotiate with, and grant amnesty to, militants with financial rewards to their tag?

Mr. Kanu has served a need; has plugged a gap, albeit in a rather unfortunate manner for which we share the blame. Our complacency and the inefficacy of our ‘peaceful and acceptable’ methods brought our shadow alter ego to the fore.

There is a Kanu in you too, but long comatose. So you can keep silent in the face of a tyrannical Nigerian system either for some gain, sheer cowardice or kindred spirit with the current Aso Rockers. Or, perhaps, erroneously and hopelessly, you join in believing that someday a non-existent auto correct mechanism will kick in. Or you may simply bask on in your desire to be ‘liked.’

Any which one, there is a Kanu in everyone. 

For, as an African proverb states quite aptly: Even the buttocks can make a noise under pressure from within at the risk of bringing shame upon its owner.

Ernest Enobong can be reached on Facebook 

​The Hypocrites of Unity, Peace and Progress – by Chin Ce

It is inconceivable the public indignity of having to listen to bogus utterances by Africa’s failed leaders such as Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida and Yakubu Gowon on what’s good for Nigeria’s unity. If these leaders hadn’t squandered the opportunities for national peace and eliminated progressive voices that sought to hold them to different account, Nigeria and, indeed, Africa would not have seen the mess it is today. 
In his recent statement, two-time head of state, Obasanjo, true-to-type, averred that he has no apology, but explanation, for their past self-serving misdeeds which included prosecuting a needless civil war wherein they massacred two million innocents. In civilised societies these tyrants ought to spend the rest of their lives in exile and meditative silence. And such may have been why a member of the cabal of national failures like Shehu Shagari retains a writer’s regards for the introspective dignity of his silence, in tacit acknowledgement of his having messed up four to five years of national opportunity for democratic greatness under his generation of co-travellers.

But not so for Olusegun Obasanjo.

A man of deeply rooted clumsiness of mind and body, correctly analysed by his erudite kinsman, Wole Soyinka, as suffering from incurable inferiority complex, every accidental escapade of this human creature in uniform and agbada has seen unmitigated disaster for the Nigerian nation.

Obasanjo will be remembered for his brief three-year tenure as military head of state after the assassination of his superior commander-in-chief Murtala Mohammed in the Dimka-led coup. In those three years, his lame-duck foreign policy witnessed reversal of the brave declarations of the Murtala initiative that saw the final nationalisation of British Petroleum in the fight for a free and independent Angola and all of Southern Africa. In Obasanjo’s uneventful, unremarkable cabal-teleguided tenure, positive action was replaced with infantile boldface, such as the ludicrous declaration on a Thank-You visit to Ogun state in 1979 that Nigeria will become one of the ten leading nations of the world by the end of the (twentieth) century. His OFN programme, Operation Feed the Nation, soon became kindergarten sing-song among civil servants and school children. OFN’s only memento may have been his acquisitionist adventure at Ottah farms that could not even feed the general himself until regrettable intervention by meddlesome political interlopers brought his rather undistinguished portraiture back to state house in 1999 as ‘civilian’ president. 

Notice the quote on civilian, because experience has taught Nigerians the harsh truth that there can be nothing civilian in anyone whose avowed career and temperament have been inebriated in reptillian automated mind-control mechanisms of the armed forces which they keep calling ‘patriotism’. Let it be our collective resolution that after the present Buhari misadventure no retired general of any Nigerian army, navy, air and eternally corrupt police force should be allowed the commanding heights of our national leadership ever again. But this is beside the point now. 

That end of twentieth century which Obasanjo had predicted for Nigeria’s rise to world status was to culminate under his presidency in harrowing eight years of national corruption, abuse of power and fraudulent sale of government assets in the name of privatisation and monetisation policy. Allied with an insane bid to alter the constitution to allow him a third tenure, Obasanjo’s twice-failed leadership offered nothing to actualise the potential of a nation or improve the lot of the suffering majority of Nigerian people. Lacking in true leadership compassion and stoked in occult demonism, Aso Rock slipped in positive international rating  by Transparency International and descended in odium as one of most corrupt governments of the world. His Financial Crimes Commision became ordinary witch-hunt machinery for intimidation of political opponents while a satanic band of his preferred sycophants and toadying hangers-on fed fat on the cabalism and mediocrity of his civilian dictatorship.

After sponsoring corruption at senate and bribing assemblymen to have his less-than-nationalist way with national issues, Obasanjo’s second leadership of Nigeria ended ignominiously but not until he had succeeded in turning himself and his scandalous cult followers into millionaires from misappropriation of state resources through fraudulent privatisation exercises.

It is the forgiving spirit of Nigerian masses that still allows failed leaders like this Orwellian Napoleon to continue to strut freely around the country, attending FEC meetings and making a hogwash of pronouncements which further cast question marks on his real objective for national integration.

Next to Obasanjo and, perhaps, the more infuriating of the hypocrisy of Nigeria’s failed leaders, is Ibrahim Babangida. This man’s corrupt ‘You-chop-me-I-chop’ regime, like Obasanjo’s, presided over serial liquidation of Nigeria’s intelligent citizens. The apparent official complicity in the gruesome murder of Dele Giwa signalled the end of bold investigative journalism for Nigerian media. Today’s mainstream traditional and online media are awash with quackery, mediocrity and dumb, sensationalist trivia, replete with poverty of professional vision and studious copy-editing housemanship, simply due to the horrendous despatch of Dele Giwa by military parcel bomb under Babangida. While true patriots who cried wolf and sought justice like Gani Fahewinmi were being hounded and jailed by his gulag, inflation from the clueless Shagari Austerity Measures spiralled under Babangida’s Structural Adjustment Programme. Cronies and cohorts of queer psychological orientations ruled the nation, making millionaires of debauched minions across the length and breadth of a twice-impoverished country. A pervert gimmick of compromising credible Nigerians became his pet game. Wole Soyinka, Tai Solarin, Humphrey Nwosu became unsuspecting victims of one man’s bid to widen the corruptibility and ultimate reductionism of progressive elements into lap dogs and hedonist ego worshippers of the emperor. Finally and most unforgivably came the reversion of a nation whose people had united in tolerance, unity, faith, peace and progress. Babangida’s junta annulled the only credible, free and fair elections of 1993 since the history of Nigeria for the simple unacknowledged reason it was won by a powerful, independent-minded Moshood Abiola from Nigeria’s west and not the clueless nonentity, Bashir Tofa, from Nigeria’s north. 

Till date these two commissioned agents of Nigeria’s backwardness and ridicule in the comity of civilised world have not had the moral imperative, let alone the introspective self realisation of old age, that should have seen them publicly apologise for their roles in extinguishing Africa’s biggest hope. Gowon, Obasanjo and Babangida have preferred the old mind rut of farcical dissembling of their criminal historical culpability.

This is why Africa is slow to heal. 

It is a continent of chronically deranged megalomaniacs, psychopaths and kleptomaniacs masquerading as state leaders and fathers of nations. Till date their current legacy is the kakistocracy they have endowed upon their continent: the government by the most worthless people, as evident in Nigeria’s senators,  assembly men and sitting governors.

Somehow, at present, Atiku Abubakar who was part of Obasanjo’s civilian regime spawned in paramilitary mentality of plunder and back-hand conversion of state resources into private pockets is assuming the only northern candidate with plausible claim to debonaire democratic credentials. Recently the opportunity of his emerging a credible nationalist voice from the North is shoring up with his progressive posturing on the urgency to restructure the country along the lines of true fiscal federalism and restoration of citizen rights and initiative under a just, equitable, egalitarian society where no section of the country is kept in the marginal fringe as now obtains under an APC-led regime that has disappointed Nigerians who voted for change. But Atiku’s seemingly benign direction in future progressive leadership of the country come 2019 requires that he turn from the hypocrisy of past and present leadership cadres and develop stronger moral commitment and consistency of wholistically detribalised and selfless vision that can endear him to thinkers, opinion managers, research fellows and, indeed, Nigerians from all sections of the country. 

Unfortunately his recent Freudian slip regarding hate and extremity movements is a drawback to his assumed profile as the bridge of understanding that many believe will heal Nigeria of its present fragmentation should he earn a presidential mandate. His press release on Vanguard media, Saturday 08/07/2017 glibly avers that “It’s important for Nigerians to respect leaders who played defining roles in Nigeria’s development”. This may have been in reference to the virulence with which Obasanjo’s vitriol on the Biafra question has been matched by implacable IPOB clones like himself. But pray, what kind of defining roles did Atiku and Obasanjo play in the thwarted years of their disagreeable reign?

Atiku Abubakar should have known that since Obasanjo remains a discredited elder, a hypocritical voice, in Nigeria’s march to greatness, any statement which deigns to exhume some respect for the ghosts of spent and lifeless gerontocrats, conniving to insist upon their relevance in a new order for which they are innately incapable of providing Nigeria’s majority, is bound to backfire. Atiku should have noted more boldly that in denouncing the call for restructuring when overwhelmingly greater sections of the country have severally highlighted its best course for national reintegration, Obasanjo has proven to remain the problem and not the solution to the fate of the endangered majority of Nigerians. 

Such is why the image and memory of Nigeria’s past leaders, especially Obasanjo’s, Babangida’s, Abacha’s, Abdulsalami’s, these hypocrites of African unity who extinguished progressive voices under their watch, must remain so sordid, so contemptible, so morally reprehensible to our collective sensitivities, as to be completely ostracised and finally exorcised, by every means necessary, from our private and public domain. Where it is inevitable to engage our discourse on these vile group of humans who incarnated upon our national space, no self-respecting writer, journalist, lawyer, historian, educationist and academic should fail to remind their readers, listeners, students and successive younger generations the amoral legacies of these reprieved murderers, literally and figuratively, these desecrators of our brightest minds and national estate. Only when these ugly facts of their history are established upon the collective conscience that we the people of Nigeria may begin to breathe some new air of enlightenment and, therefore, rise to the moment of enthronement of justice and lasting progressive change with the coming new order that we have vowed to bring to existence through a restructured federation.

President Should Take a Bow – by Chin Ce 

Avid reactions may trail the address to the Nation by Nigeria’s President after over hundred days of health-imposed exile from the political administration of his country. Buhari came back with little, let alone effusive, apologies for his absence, no comments on the excruciating hardship suffered by millions of the talakawa – ordinary Nigerians – who had voted for him in the hope that change had come to a nation sundered in corruption and enslaved by a cabal of political ex-this and ex-that who had cornered the billions of the nation’s oil resources in manic acquisitionism. 

Instead, what was clear from the speech, as scripted by his stereotypes in their professional sycophancy circles, is the same old threat that unity is not negotiable. 

In a lame, tangential argument almost devoid of basic human introspection, the Nigerian president reminded the nation that Ojukwu, rebel leader of Biafra separatist war of 1967, had dined in his Daura mansion in 2015 and had agreed that Nigeria remained united. Yet fifty years after Biafra, the Nigerian military school trained general could not apologise honestly how he and past leaders had failed to unite the country on true egalitarian principles of fairness and justice. Till date, the south east and the delta are the pariah region of successive governments led by every northern Nigerian army general. 

Buhari’s own present political dispensation has been most horrendous in army-sponsored murdering of dissenters from the south east and in Christian dominated southern Kaduna. His internal security apparatus, Police, DSS, Immigration and Customs service all led by his Hausa and Fulani compatriots of ‘One Nigeria’ remain as corrupt and full of impunity as in the years of clueless Jonathan and more clueless Obasanjo preceding him. 

Recruitment and promotion scandals trail his DSS, Immigration and Police. Nigeria Police – they still call it “Police Force”  contrary to civilised world practice – still extorts money from millions of Nigerians  for bail while forcing them to sign the bond that Bail is Free. Buhari knows this, yet he insists that his motley psychotic kinsmen remain in control, issuing useless executive orders from time to time in mimicry of the other sitting ignoramus at America’s White House. 

It is inexplicable that this man who became president by unprecedented public goodwill from home and abroad has had a lifetime honour of interacting with some of the brightest minds of the firmament, like Wole Soyinka, with whom, weeks after assuming office in 2015, he had met for four hours behind closed state house doors, ostensibly in a discussion on the future direction of the country through a restructured, economically viable and politically stable federation. Yet the brilliance of such rare personages endowed upon Africa to illuminate its depressing horizons could not rub off on the remote reaches of this president’s somewhat archaic intelligence regarding nationhood and policy. 

Irrespective of the rash of enthusiastic toadying by his political stalwarts and social minions going on now, the president’s speech to his countrymen and women can be adjudged arrogant by any critical media standard. An entry on Facebook social network states categorically that when  Political Arrogance begins to script its offensive Homily, let the Leader resign. “The president’s speech promises nothing but insult on public intelligence. There can be discerned, no real, compassion for the suffering masses of this country, save the irredentist mindset of we-versus-them. 

“We have come riding on the wave of 16 years of misery, the promise of change, anti corruption fight-to-finish, and providing sound education and security for our teeming youths and defenceless women,” states the post. Of course these are impossible without true federalism which his APC political party had promised in the very beginning, and which he and his party have now reneged upon in the antic of a shameless gigolo. 

Now what we see is the same arrogant tenacity for sectional dominion. Now we battle with cabal greed for state capture which had goaded every momentum toward public repression of human will, supported by the ever pandering retinue of sectional, political and religious interests.

Today, nemesis is on the wings once again. Buhari should take a bow; he has nothing more to offer. Because Heads up, or Legs first, history will repeat for leaders like him who do not learn. The era of state capture is over for this nation and, indeed, all nations of the world, be they America, India, Syria or Turkey. Millions of awakened humans are now vigilant. 

With skepticism and positive action defeat of the dark forces who believe in their enslavement and predation of perceived others is certain, and victory of the light is assured. 

Nigeria’s Failure and the Biafran Problem (2) – by Chin Ce 

Nigeria’s Failure and the Biafran Problem (2) – by Chin Ce

While ‘One Nigeria’ has been the common chant among subsequent beneficiaries of the modern state perennially sustained by the complicity of every component unit of the Nigerian amalgamation,the corrupt and preternaturally selfish members of the 8th legislative assembly have symptomatically rejected restructuring of the bloated federation mainly because of the knowledge that there is enough oil in the Niger delta to sustain a parasitic and uncreative federation. In fact the discovery of oil, the continued exploitation of the oil rich delta and wanton desecration of the environment of oil producing regions have actually been powered and sustained by collective cynicism toward the Nigerian project from the moment of its early contraption. 

We start with the British masters who bequeathed the northern oligarchical players the politics of divide and conquer. They had sought a willing ally in their bid to rule by proxy. Never forgiving the players from eastern and western regions who had sought to hound them out of their colonial empire by asking for early independence, it was convenient to play out the educated and intractable leaders of those regions from the power game, and ensure that dominant control remained firmly in the malleable North, whose feudal class system had been advantageous to the system of indirect rule in the heydays of the Empire. This cynical colonial attitude towards the overall good of its own creation had provided the backdrop for the sickening pandemic of civil wars and ethnic violence that immediately pervaded nearly every single African nation that had gained independence from their erstwhile colonial masters be they French English, Portuguese or Belgian. The West’s neo-colonialist designs on Africa was quite irreparable in the damage that it had intended for a perpetually balkanised and disunited continent. Unfortunately what the emerging new nations of Africa failed to do was to break from the clutches of the monolithic empires and treat their manipulative past masters with deserved suspicion and distrust. Rather lured by the trappings of a commonwealth, succeeding Nigerian and English and French speaking African governments retained the same exploitative ties that had seen the rape and exploitation of their continent for several generations. 

Why is all of this background necessary for our examination of Nigeria’s failures with the attendant problem of Biafran separatist agitation that has refused to end since fifty years of its rearing in the hearts and minds of citizens from the southern extraction? Nigeria’s failures are symptomatic of a collective continental failure that has seen every ethnic and tribal conclave of Africa immersed in the barbarism of violent struggles for domination over some perceived other. Not inclusivity, but separatism and otherness, have been the hallmark of Africa’s bloody history since its contact with Western nations. Historically, not one of West Africa’s leaders save, perhaps, Nkrumah of Ghana and Macaulay-Azikiwe of Nigeria, embodied the integrative unity consciousness that was so important for the grooming of Africa’s liberating potentiality against Western slavery. 

Rather Nigeria’s leaders have emerged as inordinate looters, tribal jingoists and vicious barbarians at best. The classic exemplars of barbarian rule have ranged from the Gowon and Murtala national tragedies through the Buhari, Babangida, and Abacha gulags, which severally masqueraded as patriotic historical necessities. 

The regime of Ibrahim Babangida will never be forgiven by Africans all round the hemisphere for reversing a millennial declaration of cross-ethnic, cross-religious unification among Nigerian citizens in the June 12 1993 elections. It was northern impunity and sheer political arrogance that ensured the annulment of the only free and fair election which this country has ever had towards progressive reformation. That action brought into government a stark illiterate product of the northern army in the person of Abacha, who could not even write a simple condolence message in coherent English, as officer and head of Nigeria’s army 1987 at the time of Awolowo’s death. The horrendous ethnic cleansing, and unabashed elevation of northern mediocrity to top echelons resumed as soon as these vampiric entities climbed to power. It was their serial failures, given their further polarising of the country along the lines of ethnic chauvinist and clannish domination, that saw the rise in the agitation for self determination by restive youths of the Niger delta. The youths had reasoned, rightly or wrongly, that the degradation of their lands and annihilation of the future of unborn generations was clearly fait accompli with the resurgence of draconian reptilians heading the ship of state. 

Even now as democratic president, it is predictable that Buhari’s failure to govern Nigeria fairly and justly, rather preferring the narrow minded path of nepotism and patronage politics, is further worsening the heated polity. Playing the ostrich game with the fundamental restructuring of the federation, It was Buhari and his paranoid breed of northern irredentists at DSS that created a hero out of a hitherto unemployed and frustrated youth from Abia state now challenging, with the help of junk social media, the festering decay of a nation with an even sicker brand of selfsame posturing, dissembling, bigotry, fanaticism, atavism and the promise of ultimate anarchy. The opiated neurosis that have convulsed the hearts and minds of millions of Biafran youths at Massob and IPOB is the direct creation of the present failed politics of the Nigerian state. Thus among the Uwazurike-Kanu of Massob-IPOB include their energetic second cousins in a Rochas of Imo or an El Rufai of Kaduna, or a Lying Mohammed of APC, for instance, who can never provide any intelligent alternative of people-oriented good in their various caves of operation. All of these current political players, adding the hosts of Nigerian senators and assemblymen, ministers and heads of administration, walk the common plank they share in their lack of universal purpose and direction both as Africans and even as humans. Each one is still cut from the same psychotic cloth that has ensured the inured dreams of sacrificed denizens of promising generations who could have reshaped the fortunes of this country as to evolve a nation every citizen would be proud to play a useful part. 

The structure of Nigeria as conceived by the British, and preserved by a local army of cabals, perennially empowering intellectual mediocrities, will never work toward any meaningful national cohesion. Only a modest subordination of its predatory, exploitative design to an overarching beneficial purpose by this present generation of men and women, and the selfless motivation to restructure the Nigerian edifice, allowing for the independence of constituent parts to exercise their inalienable right to determine their destiny, can we have the renaissance that Africa sorely requires of a delectable Nigerian experiment at regional integration and economic prosperity.

Nigeria’s Failure and the Biafran Problem – by Chin Ce 

The problem of Nigeria’s failure in Africa has been compounded by the problem of growing demands for the restoration of the defunct Biafra Republic. But the problem with Biafra, just like the Nigerian problem, is the lack of a studied intellectual platform for the harnessing of ideas necessary to inspire a wide following from the general component formations that would ensure its stability and prosperity as a nation.

The historical necessity that gave rise to its brief thirty months of existence was not followed through by this diligent and rigorous intellectual approach to its national prospects. Writ large, the emerging maximum leader of the new nation, Emeka Ojukwu, squandered this opportunity with his militaristic disposition toward side-tracking or ignoring all reasonable suggestions by the brightest minds of the firmament to avoid a head on collision with federal forces. While Zik, the greatest Africanist of the time, had advised the necessity to follow through with diplomacy, Ojukwu had opted for braggaddacio and rhetoric. A nation that had yet to come into existence began to brag through its charismatic but unfortunately gregarious spokesman that no force on earth could stop the coming of the new world power of Africa. The neo socialist utopian document called Ahiara Declaration failed in local impact by turning off the capitalist, land and property grabbing generals of Biafra, while the unimpressed Soviets simply looked away in bored disinterest.

Such seeming confidence, clearly outmatching the new northern oligarchy of the murderous Gowon regime, proved a fiasco for world recognition or assistance, and for the realisation of his dream nation.

The question till date still stands about why a hated people yet to find some degree of sympathy to the plight of their genocidal experience could shock the world with their leader’s premature and arrogant declaration of messianic destiny for world domination. The people had taken off on a wrong footing, imitating Jewish and Arabic religious posturing which have seen untold calamity among the major players in the Middle East. But the black leaders forgot that this was Africa and that the merciless racism from East and West that blighted the planet’s descension into dark age had, since pristine, times been pitched against Africa. In fact it is the European, nay, world policy, that Africa remains poor, servile, and the under developed dump of the Earth. Yet given Gowon’s and the North’s intellectual backwardness, it is difficult to reason that men of Ojukwu’s scholarly attainment in the Eastern conclave of the new Biafra, then, could dream the delusion of replicating in Africa the Middle East scenario between Israeli Zionism backed by US and Britain and her morbidly insane Palestinian Muslim species in a war of supremacy. Even if such were possible, a Christian-Muslim religious warfare could never have spelt any remote positivity for emergent new nations of already volatile Africa.

Thus Biafra was simply sacrificed by the powers that be because a disunited Nigeria, by the elusive gradients of its atomistic composition, would remain perennially in internal discord, hardly providing the needed resistance to European imperialism and their grand designs for total exploitation of Africa’s resources along with other docile parts of the world. The rest of World powers understood, as much as the British had purposed, that a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, big-for-nothing nation was only going to end up so fragmented, and perpetually at war with itself, as never to provide any rallying stream for the restoration of Africa from her complicated economic servitude to the East and West. Thus if truly the warlord and his band of Biafra war-mongering supporters had remembered this simple premise of Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world, perhaps they could have listened to a more enlightened Africanist vision of the time in favour of diplomatic resolution of the conflict within the African Union, then, OAU. The reverred Biafran leader ought not have squared up to the fight which the blood-thirsty cabal of Northern Islamists and genocidal murderers, virtually led by Murtala Mohammed, had sorely wished. Two million lives of traumatised Biafran men, women and children would not have been wasted on that war. Indeed the more intelligent, more pragmatic, counsel of Chukwuma Nzeogwu to tackle the federal forces via guerilla tactics should have prevailed. But no. Without arms, with mere cutlasses and sticks, Ojukwu’s hubris preferred a standing army with all the epaulettes of office of commander on Chief!

Fifty years after, the lessons have yet to be learnt and utilised by a legitimate new breed of haters of the Nigerian experiment in failure, ala MASSOB and IPOB. The loud mouthed propaganda and appeal to base, anarchist instincts is reminiscent of past and present Nigerian and Biafran leadership. That Nigeria, as presently constituted is, and will remain a humongous African albatross, according to British intent and design, is not in doubt to even the most casual onlooker. African nations, all over, now remain contemptuous of the bloated, corrupt and inefficient nation led and dominated by a parasitic breed of northern elites and supported by more than four hundred sophisticated alliance of other cowardly ethnicities. The Igbo group of south eastern extraction have witnessed the courage to ask for their own nation, the bravery of challenging the celebration of rot, predation and decay which the British deliberately foisted upon a country where, by spurious geographical politics, the North, still chanting ‘One Nigeria’ like a maniacal robot, is allowed to determine its destination to ultimate perdition.