Buhari: The Imperative Of Abdication – by SOC Okenwa

After 38 years of an authoritative presidency, the Angolan strong man, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos (74), has just abdicated power having appointed a successor, former Defense Minister, Joao Lourenco, one whose loyalty to both the ruling MPLA Party and the retiring old leader is never in any doubt.

Dos Santos relinquished power voluntarily when he discovered that his health was deteriorating, and could therefore no longer cope with the rigor of the exalted office. The President had been in and out of hospitals in Lisbon and elsewhere much like our own ailing President Buhari, the Zimbabwean nonagenarian, Robert Mugabe, and so many other dictators across the continent.

Earlier this week, Angolans went to the polls to elect their legislators since the constitution of the Portuguese-speaking country stipulates that the party with a majority in the chamber would nominate the president. The MPLA won as widely predicted. In a few weeks, Dos Santos would be replaced in a parliamentary system of government. With petrodollars flowing in (much like Nigeria) but poverty ‘terrorizing’ the majority of the population, Dos Santos’ stewardship could be said to be mitigated by the creation of wealth for family and friends leaving the masses to continue the daily struggle to eke out a living.

Yet, despite whatever anyone could say for or against his methods and tactics, the wily despot in Luanda has made history by quitting when the ovation is still audible enough. It represents threading a path of honor many old-generation gerontocrats in Africa hardly follow. There is indeed life after power, but few appreciate this fact or play politics with shame. Even when qualified doctors prevail on them to quit given their fragile health, they hardly hearken to such medical council — much to their peril!

The late Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua was advised by his doctors reportedly to resign and concentrate his energy on nursing the syndrome afflicting him, but he spurned that medical opinion of professionals. He died without any formal transmission of power to the then Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan. Today, we remember the former lecturer from Katsina as one imposition on the country by the Aremu of Ota, whose third term gambit was defeated by the legislative arm of government despite huge bribes.

In Algeria, President Bouteflika is still playing God, and refusing to cede any power even when he operates from a wheelchair! As a strong man, he has dominated the political landscape in Algeria for decades. In Harare, the Mugabe muddle has since become a conundrum as the old Bob goes from one medical vacation to another in Singapore and elsewhere. Sometimes he dozed off in the middle of crucial meetings or manifested signs of sagging health, but he has refused even to appoint a successor leaving the political space open to all kinds of brutal behind-the-scene schemes and maneuvers by aides and ministers of the ruling ZANU-PF Party jockeying for the imminent post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.

Resignation (for whatever reason) is never considered significant or patriotic by anyone concerned in this part of the world. When the health of a president is failing, he would cling to power until the grim reaper removes him from office. When a minister or a legislator is caught, for instance, lying shamelessly or stealing, he or she is less often than not named and shamed, but resignation is out of the question or equation.

As a people, we are so corrupt morally and immune to shame and dishonor that we see holding power or office as equivalent to making money or commanding and controlling the lesser mortals. Instead of using our positions to render service to our fatherland and suffering compatriots, we see it as an opportunity to loot and pauperize the people even further, empowering few cronies and smiling to the banks.

President Muhammadu Buhari (74) returned back to the country recently after over hundred days in London attending to his health challenges. Upon arrival, supporters lined the streets of Abuja to catch a glimpse of the emaciated “lion-king” rumored to have been on a life-support machine or to have given up the ghost! The retired general is back home triumphantly, but he is still not hale and hearty. Perhaps the prayers of the faithful had been answered by Allah! Or the Londonian doctors should be given the credit and not the supplications?

We saw President Buhari drained physically and almost at the end of his tethers. Though not on the fat side in his prime, we could deduce from seeing him that he was humbled by the ailment, whose nature we know nothing about. We saw a hard man almost reduced to “skeleton” by a serious malady never before witnessed in his entire life — as he had confessed during his first medical asylum in London. Watching him on the television online making that early morning broadcast to Nigerians, one could notice that Buhari’s best option would have been to honorably abdicate power in his best interest and that of the nation he loves and serves. A quiet retirement in Daura, far away from the prying eyes of pressmen and probing questions of Nigerians would have been a great act of patriotism.

Alas, there he was issuing orders and insisting on one Nigeria. He told us about how hosted the late Biafran warlord, Emeka Ojukwu, in Daura, and how they reached a conclusion that living together was better than separation. That was a good point to the pro-Biafran elements in the south-east, but restructuring Nigeria may be easier an effort than preaching unity no one believes in. Power corrupts good manners! And the cabal around the general would not let the man go home to have some deserved rest for they are afraid of losing certain privileges.

Unlike Buhari who detests corruption and corrupt enrichment, Dos Santos is stupendously wealthy. He had amassed a huge fortune for himself and family members in a poor country like Nigeria with natural wealth. His daughter, Isabelle, is said to be one of the richest women in the continent. She has her hands on the oil and gas industry, telecommunication sector, and other juicy state investments. Nepotism in Angola seems to be an accepted way of life.

Dos Santos could be said to be comparable to Nigeria’s former dictators, Ibrahim Babangida, the late Sani Abacha, and former President Olusegun Obasanjo. But who stole more among them is better left in the realm of imagination. Fiddling with the treasury in a closed society like Angola means practically nothing to poor Angolans who live dangerously in a Marxist-like enclave where the secret police are ubiquitous.

For Muhammadu Buhari, we hold that there is this imperative of power abdication waiting to be activated officially. The sooner he does that the better for the socioeconomic political health of our nation. Otherwise, the prevailing otiosity of authority at the center will continue to cripple governance in the country.

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The Falsehood of Religions and Politics – by Fely City 

In his Facebook book post on 19 08 2017 Christed debated the knowledge of human beginnings on planet Earth noting how scientific and religious communities of the east and west conspired to keep humans in permanent ignorance about their true beginnings and divine heritage. Religion is allied to falsehood, he always writes. Humans have been lied to several times from age to age through religious and political doctrines, and robbing the people of their money is the reason for these scriptural and constitutional lies. 

Christed quotes from the best selling book of Matthew and Suzanne Ward that “ostensibly all religions originated their own dogma to benefit the peoples. But, in fact, accurate historical recordings show that a few people who wished to control the many peoples deliberately devised falsehoods that enabled this control. 

“Very long ago,” says Matthew, in his book Revelations For A New Era with Suzanne Ward, the religious leaders made up stories to confuse and mislead the minds searching for an understanding of their Beginnings. 

“The leaders saw that the truth would allow people a closeness to God that did not require money or intervention by other humans, and that did not suit their purposes. 

“So to satisfy their greed and desire for control, the leaders contrived layer upon layer of distance between God and the individual heart and soul. It is their false information that you revere and hold most sacred.”
Matthew avers that “Worshipping God is not kneeling and feeling lowly, it is looking within and exulting in the knowing of your inseparable God connection.”  

Inseparable God connection is the key phrase here, meaning that every human is created from the same God fabric as any other and has equal direct connection with the Creator if he /she so freely wills it. But in a world filled with countries ruled by mad men where, for example, the North Korean boy child is playing supreme leader supported by godless China, where the United States old man President is a revolting Christian fanatic who hates Muslims, and Nigeria and indeed all of Africa are headed by fanatical Muslim Christian and tribal bigots, how can the world’s masses ever begin to read and understand the great disservice of ignorance their religious and political leaders are doing to them? 

As someone named Terry comments on the Facebook post, there is only confusion, and truly, more confusion everywhere you look among the blinded followers, another Facebook user, Ernest, supports that Matthew Ward’s message is the truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Will human beings rise with one voice and mind to reject the uncountable number of greedy politicians, pastors, bishops, imams, prophets, and rabbis who have aided the politicians in turning them blind and senseless zombies from generation to generation? 

The answer remains with time. 

The Power of Now: Life principles expounded by Eckhart Tolle – Presented by Fely City

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a book by Eckhart Tolle. According to Wikipedia editors, the book is intended to be a guide for day-to-day living and stresses the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding unwanted and usually energy sapping thoughts of the past or future.

Here are some select life changing quotes from Eckhart Tolle’s book which when practised with diligence and mindfulness can transform your whole life on earth from one of a negative thinking victim to a positive polarised victor of your own mind, body and spirit complex.
*The present moment is the most precious thing there is.
*Wherever you are, be there totally.
*Always say “yes” to the present moment.
*Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.
*Don’t take everything in life too seriously.
*Love is not to be found outside of you.
*The more you dwell on the negative, the more obsessed with negative things your mind becomes.
*When you complain, you make yourself into a victim.
*There is a fine balance between honoring the past and losing yourself in it.
*Letting go requires strength and a lot of courage.
*You are a Human Being not a human doing.
*Give up defining yourself and others.
*You are more than your mind.
*Where there is true love, there is no ego.
*Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.
*Power over others is weakness disguised as strength.
*Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain.
*Exclusivity is not the love of God but of the ego.
*Seek to live authentically.
*We don’t see God as He is, we see God as we are.
*Seeking is the antithesis of happiness.
*What you give is what you get.
*Any action is often better than no action.
*If you make the fountain pure, all will be pure.
*The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly.
*Worry is a waste of time.
*If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world.

Everywhere in the world today it is clear that the journey is challenging.  Eckhart Tolle offers via simple language and in question-and-answer format simple neglected nuggets of wisdom to guide us. His message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment.

Start reading The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment on your Kindle, Amazon and Goodreads book stores.
You can also read the whole of the 27 Life changing lessons of Eckhart Tolle as written by Luminita D. Saviuc at Purpose Fairy website here: http://www.purposefairy.com/72674/27-life-changing-lessons-to-learn-from-eckhart-tolle/

The Truth about Vaccines – by Fely City

Exposing the dark forces, with Suzanne Ward


Some vaccines have been developed specifically to cause problems! Their original intent is to preserve life by eradicating disease – now the intent is to eradicate life by causing disease. This is just one more example of the work of the dark forces. It takes only a handful of darkly-influenced minds – the ones who conceive the ideas and their cohorts who develop or contaminate some vaccines- to carry out this sinister plot. Vaccinations are not voluntary in many cases. They are mandated by unsuspecting authorities who simply follow orders given to them, and severe repercussions befall the dissenters. So inoculations are administered by well-meaning health care-givers who are unaware that they are infecting, not protecting, people.


You can see evidence of this in the viruses that are prevalent on Earth. The most pernicious of these, which causes what you call AIDS, is a skillfully designed combination of mutant viruses that comes directly from a laboratory to achieve the purpose of its fulfilling. How foolish to state that AIDS originated in monkeys! If that were the case, you must question how the disease was so easily traced to them when they aren’t affected by it as humans are. And since the virus isn’t airborne, how could the first individuals diagnosed with AIDS have been bitten by infected monkeys? That disease wasn’t discovered in the countries where the monkeys live – it appeared in homosexual individuals who lived in two cities on opposite coasts of a continent thousands of miles away! We can only wonder why, when people are clamoring for the truth about many other “official” stories, they are not questioning the true origin of AIDS.

Beyond the millions who are suffering and the death tolls that keep mounting are many other sources of negativity stemming from this disease: the physical and emotional pain and hopelessness of the ill and their families; the grief and hardships of survivors; the many children orphaned; the fear of the vastness to which this “incurable” disease has spread, debilitating entire nations’ peoples. By dark design, the vaccines and later, the “treatment” medications, created all this negativity, and the misery and grief so far exceeds the experiencing chosen by the affected individuals as to be indescribable.
-from Revelations For A New Era. A Matthew book with Suzanne Ward, pp 250-251. http://www.matthewbooks.com/books/revelations-for-a-new-era/

Silent and Present Africa – by Sikhe Camara

Silent and Present Africa by Sikhe Camara; Posted by Fely City

Because I kept quiet
You think I have nothing to say
Because I do not look
You think that I have nothing more to see
Because I do not cry out
You think I no longer have anything in mind
Because I do not make any noise
You think that I am lifeless
Because I do not advance
You say I have no more steps
That I no longer have the will to make a step
And you even say that I can no longer hear
Because I do not react
By taking your Universe
By its broad and useless shoulders
And throwing it far away from me
From my world
I have so much to say
So so much to say…