President Should Take a Bow – by Chin Ce 

Avid reactions may trail the address to the Nation by Nigeria’s President after over hundred days of health-imposed exile from the political administration of his country. Buhari came back with little, let alone effusive, apologies for his absence, no comments on the excruciating hardship suffered by millions of the talakawa – ordinary Nigerians – who had voted for him in the hope that change had come to a nation sundered in corruption and enslaved by a cabal of political ex-this and ex-that who had cornered the billions of the nation’s oil resources in manic acquisitionism. 

Instead, what was clear from the speech, as scripted by his stereotypes in their professional sycophancy circles, is the same old threat that unity is not negotiable. 

In a lame, tangential argument almost devoid of basic human introspection, the Nigerian president reminded the nation that Ojukwu, rebel leader of Biafra separatist war of 1967, had dined in his Daura mansion in 2015 and had agreed that Nigeria remained united. Yet fifty years after Biafra, the Nigerian military school trained general could not apologise honestly how he and past leaders had failed to unite the country on true egalitarian principles of fairness and justice. Till date, the south east and the delta are the pariah region of successive governments led by every northern Nigerian army general. 

Buhari’s own present political dispensation has been most horrendous in army-sponsored murdering of dissenters from the south east and in Christian dominated southern Kaduna. His internal security apparatus, Police, DSS, Immigration and Customs service all led by his Hausa and Fulani compatriots of ‘One Nigeria’ remain as corrupt and full of impunity as in the years of clueless Jonathan and more clueless Obasanjo preceding him. 

Recruitment and promotion scandals trail his DSS, Immigration and Police. Nigeria Police – they still call it “Police Force”  contrary to civilised world practice – still extorts money from millions of Nigerians  for bail while forcing them to sign the bond that Bail is Free. Buhari knows this, yet he insists that his motley psychotic kinsmen remain in control, issuing useless executive orders from time to time in mimicry of the other sitting ignoramus at America’s White House. 

It is inexplicable that this man who became president by unprecedented public goodwill from home and abroad has had a lifetime honour of interacting with some of the brightest minds of the firmament, like Wole Soyinka, with whom, weeks after assuming office in 2015, he had met for four hours behind closed state house doors, ostensibly in a discussion on the future direction of the country through a restructured, economically viable and politically stable federation. Yet the brilliance of such rare personages endowed upon Africa to illuminate its depressing horizons could not rub off on the remote reaches of this president’s somewhat archaic intelligence regarding nationhood and policy. 

Irrespective of the rash of enthusiastic toadying by his political stalwarts and social minions going on now, the president’s speech to his countrymen and women can be adjudged arrogant by any critical media standard. An entry on Facebook social network states categorically that when  Political Arrogance begins to script its offensive Homily, let the Leader resign. “The president’s speech promises nothing but insult on public intelligence. There can be discerned, no real, compassion for the suffering masses of this country, save the irredentist mindset of we-versus-them. 

“We have come riding on the wave of 16 years of misery, the promise of change, anti corruption fight-to-finish, and providing sound education and security for our teeming youths and defenceless women,” states the post. Of course these are impossible without true federalism which his APC political party had promised in the very beginning, and which he and his party have now reneged upon in the antic of a shameless gigolo. 

Now what we see is the same arrogant tenacity for sectional dominion. Now we battle with cabal greed for state capture which had goaded every momentum toward public repression of human will, supported by the ever pandering retinue of sectional, political and religious interests.

Today, nemesis is on the wings once again. Buhari should take a bow; he has nothing more to offer. Because Heads up, or Legs first, history will repeat for leaders like him who do not learn. The era of state capture is over for this nation and, indeed, all nations of the world, be they America, India, Syria or Turkey. Millions of awakened humans are now vigilant. 

With skepticism and positive action defeat of the dark forces who believe in their enslavement and predation of perceived others is certain, and victory of the light is assured. 


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  1. kizibran says:

    Straight to point!


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