Opiate Gift – by Titi Brenda

Opiate Gift – a poem by Princess Nefertiti 


Craftily to a catnip had we stalked

To the same cabal and their crew

All our votes to the treasured deck

As we gathered for their opiate gift.


A few handshakes of rice and bills

We gave out our powers in present


And for a dinner at dead men’s


We sundered our future to more of 



Where you find each and everyone

Years a bum and now a knight-

Cruising in and out our naked fronts

Draining the pipes that line our 


Into their private, oil wells.


A hundred years of wretch and

yawns –

Such is the journey of our giant state

Where the sun has set the plebeian


Against the darkness of their own



Now  every life measures a blank


As the aimless wandering of mad


What of the promise of the grand

high jump

To a fairer house than living hell?


But we fumble and wobble through 

ages gone 

A human herd to the slaughterhouse

All might is with power gone and 


Save this bitter pill alone:

That you never again may jump at


Toward an opiate gift.



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